Computer Network Security Systems

Internet cyber crime is on the rise, with over 300,000 new complaints filed with the FBI annually. (FBI Reports, February 2011) Each year, businesses and consumers fall victim to identity theft and information theft ? the top crimes committed by faceless Internet thieves who target information found on private and commercial computer networks. Coupled with the rise in e-commerce and social media as used by small businesses today, the risks associated with cyber crime are also increasing. Prevent your business from becoming one of the 4 billion victims of cyber crime, by getting the support of a high-tech computer network security system today!

Cambium Technology Group offers pro-active security auditing of all your most important computer systems, domains and networks for a surprisingly reasonable price. We know that cyber criminals want your data. We keep them out! Just as you would protect your home with locks and security systems, you can trust Cambium to protect your most important digital data.

Network Security Auditing

When is the last time your IT provider at your company tested the actual safety of your computer network? Cambium Technology Group utilizes the latest technology in performing information security audits of your computer network and systems. We employ Retina vulnerability software along with industry best practice certification procedures to verify that your physical and digital security is operating at the proper level.

All of Cambium's staff members who perform computer network security auditing are trained information security professionals, with US Department of Defense training in counter-intrusion and information assurance techniques. We take our work very seriously and make sure your computer systems are protected 100% of the time from cyber crime.

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Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
PCI-DSS Compliance Screening

As cyber criminals continue to attack businesses that have e-commerce websites or accept credit card payments via computer based payment processing systems, the payment card industry has stepped up its efforts to ensure compliance with PCI-DSS standards. Cambium Technology Group is proud to be at the forefront of this movement by providing PCI-DSS compliant scanning using the award winning, Retina vulnerability scanning software. This is the only IT security software that integrates assessment, mitigation, protection and reporting into one package. You will know what is going on at all times and that your computer network is safe with Cambium's professional IT support.

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Remediation of Computer Security
Vulnerability Findings

Once your business obtains a PCI-DSS compliance report, the next step is to remediate the findings in a timely manner to protect your network. Whether your compliance report was completed by Cambium Technology Group, a third-party vendor, or your "IT guy"; our information security professionals are ready and able to correct any issues that may have been discovered in your computer network.

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