Cambium Point of Sale and
Retail Management Systems

Cambium Technology Group computerized Point of Sale (POS) solutions give your restaurant, club, hotel or retail establishment a more efficient way to manage both customers and money. Our innovative, yet affordable, retail and restaurant point of sale systems are perfect for all phases of customer service, reporting and money management.

Say goodbye to outdated customer and money management systems. As a local authorized dealer of Microsoft retail management systems (RMS), Cambium can help you create an accurate record of sales, inventory and financial reporting. We give your business the ability to customize your point of sale display and system with a full toolbox of computerized utilities and in-depth reports.

There is nothing more important to business owners than having better control over financial and business growth. All Cambium supported point of sale systems help you to better serve your customers and run all your backhouse functions with ease.

Cambium Point of Sale Systems

Cambium Technology Group is an authorized dealer for the leading POS system, Microsoft Retail Management Systems, and an exclusive Channel Partner for Aldelo for Restaurants ? right here in the Low Country! In addition, Cambium is a partner with a secure high-speed Internet merchant credit card processing service.

Trust the skilled and fully certified local engineers at Cambium Technology Group to install your new point of sale system today. All work is backed by our rock solid service guarantee and round the clock responsiveness.

Aldelo For Restaurants

Want a useful point of sale solution for your restaurant, shop or nightclub? If you are like most restaurant owners, there is very little time to worry about how customer orders and payments are processed. It's all about providing the best quality and service to customers with an Aldelo point of sale system, brought to you by Cambium Technology Group. We are the ONLY authorized channel partner for Aldelo for Restaurants point of sale systems in the Tri-county area!

Want to give your customers the ability to make reservations, review menus, buy gift cards and pay for their orders online? The fully certified engineers at Cambium provide a state-of-the-art online ordering capability that ties directly into the Aldelo POS network.

Aldelo is suitable for any type of restaurant, from the smallest fast food establishment to a five-star fine dining restaurant. Aldelo even has a special mode just for pizza shops! This robust, feature-rich point of sale system is used by over 60,000 restaurants and is widely known and trusted in the food and beverage industry.

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Microsoft Retail Management System

Microsoft RMS

Cambium is a Microsoft Silver partner and certified local dealer of Microsoft Retail Management systems. This modern point of sales tool is suitable for any type of retail store environment. In addition to featuring an easy to use retail management display, Microsoft RMS tracks and manages sales, customer information, loyalty programs, and credit card processing all in one convenient system.

Learn more about a Microsoft RMS system or call Cambium Technology Group's helpful staff for rates and information at: 866-704-4545

Credit Card Processing and
Secure Merchant Accounts

Need an affordable solution for secure credit card processing? We've got you covered! Cambium Technology Group is a certified partner with Payment Process Incorporated, a leading Internet merchant credit card processing firm. We offer complete PCI-DSS auditing and encrypted card swipe readers to give your customers the greatest possible protection. We also provide the ability to offer loyalty programs for your customers to encourage repeat business!

Cambium offers very competitive rates for point of sale integration with merchant credit card processing services. If you choose Aldelo for Restaurants and PPI, the install of merchant processing is free in most cases! We can also combine our credit card processing service with most major point of sales software packages. If you have an existing POS system, find out how we can save you money on every credit card transaction with our exclusive service.

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Online Sales and E-Commerce Solutions

The Internet has created a huge new market opportunity for businesses of all sizes. Today's consumers in all demographics are spending 60-70% of their free time shopping online for great deals in merchandise and entertainment. If your company doesn't have a website or e-commerce sales model yet, you are probably missing out on many sales!

Smart business owners understand the potential for growth in terms of online sales and e-commerce websites. Cambium Technology group gives businesses the ability to ramp up online sales with online shopping software, loyalty programs and e-commerce websites with full Internet security for customers. Whatever your business sells, from services to products, you can be sure that online sales will expand your customer base and lead to business growth.

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