Cambium Promotional Services

Need to let people know about your business, who you are and why they should buy what you are selling? Cambium Technology Group has the right promotional services to help enhance your image across the entire spectrum of media. From stunning print marketing materials to websites, video and beyond, Cambium can give your company a fresh new brand that will be irresistible to your customers!

Cambium Website Development

If your business isn't currently on the Internet, you are missing out on a huge audience of potential customers who are hungry to know more about you. Over 60% of consumers today do their research on the Internet to find great deals and local businesses, before they step foot in an actual place of business. With a website designed and built by our skilled team of professional web developers, you can be sure that your company will earn more customers this year. We will work closely with you to develop a website that showcases everything you have to offer. Our websites can also integrate the best in social media, e-commerce online stores, and merchant credit card processing for your business.

You'll be happy to discover that our web development rates are very competitive, starting as low as $650!

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Cambium Corporate Branding

Does your company logo or brand need an overhaul? Maybe you've been thinking of launching a new company or need a fresh new image. Whether you want a corporate brand for a print, website, radio or video marketing campaign, Cambium has the resources to handle all of this for you! Our team of creative professionals and graphic designers have years of experience in producing a wide range of media suitable for making your business stand out.

Cambium Print Marketing

For a comprehensive advertising plan, your business needs high quality print marketing materials. So whether you need business cards, flyers, brochures, coupons or postcards, Cambium's graphic designers and copy writers will work with you to produce eye-catching material that clearly deliver your message. Ask for a copy of our brochure and press kit, so you can see exactly the quality of printed material you can expect.

Public Relations and Social Media Networking

Do you need to get on board with public relations and social media networks? More than 40,000 million people are engaged daily on social media networks like facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Let our skilled team of marketers and copy writers work with you to create a PR and social media campaign that will attract more customers to your business. Harness the power of a press release or media kit and get in front of the right kinds of clients this year. Cambium employs a team of skilled PR people who understand how to use online marketing and social media to stand out from your competitors!

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